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We created WeShare as a central repository to store the solutions clinicians and scientists have devised in response to the challenges of coronavirus. By sharing best practice between sites and specialities, we will avoid duplicating effort and empower everyone to deliver the best possible care.

Innovation happens from all parts of healthcare, from the research institution to the hospital and community. We want to share everything that is positively impacting healthcare. International contributions are welcome. If it helps our patients or our colleagues, no idea is too large or small.

We have the chance to transform a global crisis into an opportunity to connect and learn from one another. Together we can emerge more effective, more innovative and better placed to face the healthcare challenges of the 21st century.


The WeShare forum is the place to share collaborative innovation. The forum features solutions from a very wide range of problems, including technology, patient care, PPE and COVID-19, mental health. 


Watch the #UnlockingTheNHS webinar series featuring speakers from across healthcare discussing the challenges and solutions they have faced during COVID-19 


Listen to the latest episode of WeShare podcasts and learn about the amazing innovations being developed during COVID-19


Read the newest post from our WeShare Blog to find out more about innovations and the background behind WeShare.Healthcare

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