1. Podcast 1

1. Cardmedic

Listen to one of WeShare's podcast leads, Ryan Purdy, talk to NHS Anaesthetist and Founder of CARDMEDIC, Rachel Grimaldi. Born out of a necessity to break through the communication barrier created by PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the COVID-19 pandemic, CARDMEDIC is a flexible bedside communication tool, designed to transfer vital clinics information between healthcare staff and patient no matter the communication barrier. (https://www.cardmedic.com)

2. Podcast 1

2. Feebris

A chance to hear about the employment of AI during and after COVID-19 from Elina Naydenova, CEO of Feebris and a leader in the clinical AI space. Feebris is a mobile-based software platform, powered by AI, that helps users detect and monitor complex health conditions. The platform consists of a mobile app which connects to wireless medical sensors (such as a digital stethoscope and a pulse oximeter), and a doctor portal that clinicians use to conduct remote review. The Feebris technology is used in UK care homes to support virtual ward rounds and in community health settings in India to deliver early detection of child health conditions (http://feebris.com/).